Refreshment is important to us – we’re on the road constantly and rely on Pilot Flying J to refuel our haulers and our bodies.


As amazing as the PJ Fresh Marketplace is for food, the drink offerings at Pilot and Flying J are just as exceptional. With eight fresh brewed flavors of tea, 28 different soft drinks and “The Best Coffee on the Interstate,” my race team has more than enough options available to them.


I’d be lying if I didn’t say the coffee is the most popular beverage among our team. Every pot is freshly brewed and provides a terrific pick-me-up for our road-weary travelers. While our pit crew guys adhere to a diet – and black coffee is apparently on it – our mechanics and engineers love to branch out.


The iced coffee and cappuccino in the PJ Fresh Marketplace taste great and are also popular among the guys that aren’t going over the wall during pit stops. The iced coffee hits the spot on summer road trips and the cappuccino makes late-night travel more tolerable.


Our team has New England roots – my car owner, Tommy Baldwin, and crew chief, Kevin Manion, both are from the Northeast, but the majority of my crew hails from the Southeast, which means they love their sweet tea. It’s almost a ritual in North Carolina to have sweet tea with your lunch. My guys keep that tradition rolling when they stop at a Pilot or Flying J, taking advantage of the tea offerings to go with their pizza, salad or home-style meals.


In an effort to keep hydrated for 400- and 500-mile races, I tend to stick with water, but when the race is over and I’m in a Pilot or Flying J, I’ll gravitate toward the sports drinks to help put back what I sweated out inside the racecar. Luckily, there is no shortage of options on that end either.


It’s good to have the Pilot Flying J network available to us on the road. With its impressive array of beverage options, the stops are always refreshing ones.