Like many sports enthusiasts, I love college football. I live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and the words “go blue” (as in University of Michigan Wolverines) are a part of our everyday language. But my work often takes me out of the friendly confines of my wonderful college town and away from my fellow Wolverines fans.

Recently I hit the road to take a friend to the airport – in Cleveland, Ohio. The drive meant I would travel into rival territory and possibly run into a few Ohio State Buckeye fans along the way!

During the drive, I noticed my fuel running low, but hesitated to stop as I was in the heart of Buckeye country.

I pulled into the Flying J in Perrysburg, OH, expecting to be the odd man out in a sea of Buckeyes fans.

While fueling my vehicle, I decided to take advantage of the pit stop and grab some food for the rest of the drive. After all, I often teach that ‘food is fuel’ and I knew that at the Flying J I could find the fuel my body needs for the long drive ahead. On the road, healthy snacks are hard to come by, but Flying J’s are stocked with nutritious choices. I loaded up on fresh fruit and beef jerky and was ready to hit the road.

As I checked out at the register with my tasty and nutritious snacks, the amazingly friendly store manager began chatting and soon revealed that he, too, was a fellow Wolverine fan! This was a complete surprise, but made me feel right at home.

It was comforting to find a place on the road that offered the fuel I needed to maintain my healthy lifestyle, as well as people friendly enough to allow the discovery of a common passion.
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