Let’s admit it, at home or on the road we love our coffee. We love it in every variety, from bold to decaf. We love it so much that there are even clinical psychologists who study personality types based on the types of coffee we drink! For example, according to a recent study, black coffee drinkers are old school purists who like to keep things simple and efficient. Whereas people like me who enjoy a little cream and sugar tend to go out of their way to help others.

For many of us a morning boost of caffeine is just what we need to get the day going. Do you have family or co-workers who say things like, ‘Don’t talk to me until I have my morning cup of joe!’? I’m definitely one of those people. I love the boost coffee gives me right before I head into the gym for a workout or at the end of a long workday on the road. I seem to drink coffee at least twice a day, both to get my day started and as a mid-day pick-me-up.

But I have a confession – I am not a coffee snob like some of my friends. I have friends who can almost smell the difference between decaf and bold and have even lectured me that by adding sugar and cream I’m not drinking real coffee. Most of my family and friends prefer their coffee ‘straight’ and enjoy intense dark roast or Columbian varieties. Coffee this strong puts hair on the chest. Lesser men like myself prefer coffee mild and flavorful.

My favorite Pilot coffee is hazelnut and my favorite seasonal coffee is pumpkin spice. I typically add a couple of packets of my favorite sugar substitute and then I top it off by adding in the occasional flavoring like French vanilla or amaretto – GASP! I know that true coffee aficionados are probably reading this and calling me a coffee heretic! But this is how I like my coffee. And hopefully a few of you are like me so I won’t feel like a total wimp.

Do you know what’s so great about Pilot coffee? Every possible combination is available at our local Pilot on Baker road here in Michigan or at the Pilot nearest you. No matter what your flavor or preference, Pilot coffee is the best coffee on the interstate for me and my family – even if they say I add a few too many extras to my morning java. That’s why when I’m on the road I make it a point to stop at a Pilot for my caffeine boost.

What’s your favorite coffee at home or on the road? Tell us and take a picture holding your Pilot Cup, tag us on social media, and be sure to use #PFJTravelWell.