Spend any significant amount of time traveling the country’s interstates and you’ll eventually end up at a truck stop or a travel center. Truck stops, in my opinion, have been given a bad rap over the years, but I have found travel centers to be the perfect place to refuel both my car and my body. Not all travel centers are created equal, and after traveling 1,000’s of miles around the country I have found that Flying J Travel Plazas are some of the safest, cleanest, and well-lit stops along the interstate.

Pilot Flying J has been helping travelers for 55 years and recently changed its brand identity to show America’s drivers that it is leading the way in making their travel experience better than it has ever been. I have found that its travel centers are consistently clean, well-lit and safe, something that can be hard to find along the highway.

One of the reasons that I choose to stop at a travel center versus a gas station is that travel centers cater to people that spend a lot of time on the road. That means a well-stocked store with just about anything you could need. I have found maps, windshield washer fluid, oil, books on tape, and dvds at Flying J. Some of the stores even offer amenities like showers, laundry facilities, tv lounges, and restaurants. If you need travel related items while on the road a travel center is usually the place to find it.

Flying J also has a great selection of high quality coffee options that lets me create my coffee exactly how I like it. If I’m not in the mood for coffee there is tea, mocha, lattes, hot cocoa and a wide selection of cold beverages. I drink a fair amount of coffee when traveling which makes clean bathrooms very important to me. I’m not going to lie, having clean bathrooms can make or break my experience. Fortunately, Flying J has always had very clean, well-stocked bathrooms.


In addition to all the great beverage choices Flying J offers a selection of fresh food options. Cut up, ready-to-eat fruit, peeled hard boiled eggs, salad, cheese sticks, yogurt and sandwiches are available in a cold case while granola bars, Cheerios, trail mix, oatmeal and tuna kits are available in the food aisle. These options are great for a meal on the go and are much better than the options I would find at a fast food restaurant.

It’s nice to know that when I travel I can depend on Flying J for all my travel needs. If I’m in Michigan, Florida or somewhere in between I know that when I stop at a Flying J I will find a clean store, clean bathrooms and good coffee. Regardless if your road trip is taking you down the road or across the country Flying J is ready to help you travel well by providing you with a clean, well-lit store and great customer service.